This clever, entertaining story was created by one of our volunteers. She incorporated all of our horses’ names into it (even the ones not in the program).

Once upon a time, there lived an Apache named Ernie Bud. He lived in the town of Guinness. He was always ready to come to the Rescue of anyone in need so everyone loved him. By trade he was a Trimmer. That was how he made his Cash. He loved to eat an Oreo every now and then. He was also good at dominos, so he always carried at least one Domino with him at all times.

Down the lane lived the Apache’s leader, Marshall Rusty. If you walked down the Dusty road a ways, you would run into the town of Bam Bam. This was where the Cheyenne people lived. Their leader was Prince Moe who was married to Lady Mercy. They had a son named Roy. Prince Moe and his family always wore Velvet and could dance the Tango very well.                                             

If you walked further down the Little road, you would run into the sea. This was where the Skipper, Dexter Dixon, lived. He had a boat named the Laredo Cruzer. He loved nothing more than boating.

And, yes, they all lived happily ever after.

SRO – Sept 2015