Great things are happening in Oklahoma!  Because of the Horse Tales Literacy Project, Governor Fallin has proclaimed April to be “LITERACY AWARENESS MONTH” in Oklahoma! View the Proclamation.


53 Right Path volunteers and nearly 100 students, teachers, and parents gathered for our final Field Day event of this year.  Everyone had a great time and the children loved traveling to all the different stations!  “This is the best day EVER,” was heard more than once!


(Harmony Elementary and Harrison Elementary)

54 Right Path volunteers and over 90 students, teachers, and parents gathered for our second Field Day event.  The weather was beautiful and all the extra help made for an absolutely perfect day!  It was hard to tell which station was the favorite as the children ran from one station to another having a great time!


(Deeprock Elementary and Sunnyside Elementary)

40 Right Path volunteers and over 100 students, teachers, and parents gathered for our first ever Field Day event.  Students traveled through 15 stations of equine-related events and got to read their book to a horse friend!  Though it was a cold Oklahoma day, there were no complaints and everyone had a great time!

Special thanks to our sponsors: East Central Electric, Wal-Mart Foundation, Linda Cline Foundation, George Krumme Oil, Bazemore family, Earnhardt family, Klaus family, Morrison family, Thomas family.  Their support made it possible for nearly 280 children to participate in the 2014 Horse Tales Literacy Project!  Each child received 2 FREE books of their very own and a fantastic opportunity to have TWO equine days, while each school (8 total) received 6 weeks of corresponding curriculum.  We had such fun with these students and we’ve had such great, positive feedback!  Thank you so much for your help!


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2014 Station descriptions:

Stick Horse Races – students each had their own stick horse and raced the course set out for them

Little Black Goes to the Circus – students received their 2nd free book and a certificate of completion of the Little Black project.  They took a moment to sit down and read it during all the activities

Measurements – students learned the difference between how humans are measured and how horses are measured.  They received a card that recorded their height in both measures

Horse Shoe Toss – students tossed plastic rings onto cones (for safety), simulating the game of horse shoes

Horse Parts – students learned about the different parts of a horse and got to place puzzle pieces on the horse chart

Face Painting – students loved getting their faces painted (and some even painted the faces of our volunteers!)

Barrel Racing – students raced the barrel pattern using pool noodle horses…a big hit!

Petting Zoo – students had fun holding/petting bunnies, baby goat kids, a lamb, a calf, and a miniature horse

Tack and Mount – students learned about the different types of tack and why each part is used.  Then they were able to mount Whitey, our stationary barrel horse

Horse Markings – students learned different types of markings/colors for horses and were able to color their own

Grooming/Leading – students groomed horses and led them through the arena in groups

Roping – students learned how to rope from professional roper, Cody Christian…what a blessing!

Mini Theater – students watched as our minis, BamBam and Velvet, performed tricks like bowing and jumping through hoops and over obstacles.  They really enjoyed looking at the mini’s teeth!

Horse Behavior – students learned how horses behave and how they show their emotions through their ears.  They were each given their own set of horse ears to show their own behavior!

Handprints – students painted their hands and made a horse from their handprint, then they painted our horses with their handprints!

Reading to Horses – students sat on a bucket and read their book to the horse of their choice