Great things are happening in Oklahoma!  Because of the Horse Tales Literacy Project, Governor Fallin has proclaimed April to be “LITERACY AWARENESS MONTH” in Oklahoma! View the Proclamation.

The Horse Tales Literacy Project kicked off in January with our “FIRST TOUCH.”  During this event, we visit each school with a book for every child and 2 horses.

What a great day it was!  For the first FIRST TOUCH,  we visited 4 schools in Cushing and the children were so excited!  As they came out, we explained to them that we were giving them their very own book (to KEEP) about a pony named Little Black and his friend, Big Red.  Then we brought the horses out from their hiding place and OH BOY!, was there excitement in the air!  The children now spend 4-6 weeks completing their curriculum (provided to the schools FREE of charge) and learning to read their new books.  In April, the get to come out to the ranch for a field trip where they will read their books to their horse friends!

Harrison readers (19)_resized Harmony readers (11)_resized
Sunnyside A (51)_resized Deep Rock A (12)_resized


We took our own Little Black (BamBam, our mini) and Big Red (Dexter).  It was so much fun to hear the thrill in the little voices as I introduced Little Black and the children would shout out, “AND BIG RED!” before I even had a chance to say it!

Sunnyside before (10)_resized Sunnyside readers (56)_resized
Deep Rock A (7)_resized Harmony A (22)_resized


We heard fun and exciting things from the children all day long…exclamations like, “This is the BEST surprise EVER!” and “I’m going to read my WHOLE book to Big Red!”

Sunnyside A (91)_resized Deep Rock A (20)_resized
Deep Rock A (32)_resized Harmony A (4)_resized


Our second day of FIRST TOUCH was just as fun!  What a blast we had with the children!  Everyone was SO EXCITED to see the horses and to receive their very own book!  This time we headed to Drumright, Oak Grove, and Olive to visit their first-graders.  We were amazed how every child immediately devoured their book!  They were so thrilled to receive them!  Horses….books, which is better?  It’s hard to tell!

Olive before_resized Olive A (2)_resized
Olive Elementary (2)_resized Olive Elementary (3)_resized
Oak Grove Elementary (3)_resized Bradley Elementary_resized
Oak Grove Elementary_resized Bradley Elementary (3)_resized


We are serving just over 60 children in the Cushing/Drumright area and another 30 from the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Oklahoma City.  This is a huge undertaking!  If you are interested in getting involved as a sponsor or a volunteer, please call the office at (918) 352-4110.  For detailed sponsor information, click here.  We need 40 volunteers in April who are willing to donate ONE DAY of their time to the project.  For more details on volunteering, click here.

Call to see how you can be involved in making a difference in a child’s life!

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