What is the Right Path Riding Academy?


Our mission is to provide an equestrian environment where our participants can achieve their highest potential – physically, emotionally, and cognitively – through the unique avenue of equine-assisted activities.

The Right Path Riding Academy was founded by Leslie Kirkland (pictured left) in 1996. Leslie’s unique perspective as a healthcare professional and as a person living with Multiple Sclerosis provides passionate leadership to the program’s volunteers and participants. The Ocker family (pictured below) joined as staff in 2013 and now oversee operations. Read their touching story here.

OckersThe Right Path Riding Academy is a 501c3 non-profit and PATH Intl. premier accredited organization. As a ministry, we provide our services at no cost to our participants. To provide the highest quality services, our instructors are trained and certified with PATH Intl. We are advised by a board of directors, consisting of local businessmen and community leaders.

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Why Therapeutic Riding Works…


Riding and cart-driving cause the participant’s muscles to work together, which often increases balance and core strength, and may reduce muscle tension.


The horse, as a motivator, promotes an increase in social awareness among participants. They concentrate harder and produce better results in their efforts to please their favorite horse. The structured lesson activities create a safe and educational environment, allowing students to achieve personal success and goal completion.


Through the encouragement of the instructors and volunteers, participants grow in confidence and self-esteem as they are empowered to handle a 1,000-pound animal.


Participants build trusting relationships with their horses and team, bringing joy and fulfillment. The smiles and laughter we see and hear in the arena, especially when riders “trot on!”, show the joy and excitement experienced weekly during our classes.

Join our team!

Help us continue changing lives and bringing joy to hundreds of people each year by becoming one of our hearts that care alongside our horses that heal!

How YOU can help:

  • Contribute through a one-time or monthly financial donation or in-kind donation
  • Volunteer in weekly classes or at one of our special events (no horse experience necessary!)
  • Volunteer with your administrative, public relations, fundraising, technical, or support skills

Connect with us today!

Call the office at (918) 352-4110 or email us at walkon@rightpathridingacademy.org