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Horse Tales Literacy Project

The Right Path Riding Academy is excited to partner with a foundation formed by the Walter Farley family to celebrate the power of “Horse Tales” in supporting literacy in low income (Title One) schools by subsidizing the cost of two hardcover books per child (in many cases, their FIRST ever).

Book sponsorship is open at just $10 per child for BOTH books! The project begins in January, with the First Touch event. This consists of a visit to each school where we take 2 horses to visit each child, hand out the first book to each child and matching curriculum for teachers.

Students spend a few weeks learning to read their books with special activities, and look forward to their Field Day event in April, when students come out to the ranch for a day of fun-filled activities!

Browsing 15 stations from painting and grooming horses, to stick horse racing and pool noodle horse barrel racing, to learning about horse behavior, and measurements markings. The BIG event is when they get to read their book to a horse! It is incredible to witness shy students suddenly feel the freedom to read aloud to their horse.

We are thrilled to be a part of improving literacy for underprivileged children…a skill that will improve their chances for a successful adult life! We also promote literacy throughout the summer with special events and camps, such as Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped special summer reading program with horses for fun and motivation, hospital visits, day camps at the ranch, and more!

Want to help promote literacy in our area? Click here to learn about sponsorship opportunities.

Want to volunteer for the Field Day Event? Click here.


Click here to learn more about the Horse Tales Literacy Project.

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