New Horses

Poco & Buttermilk are the 2 newest trainees for the program. These two palamino geldings could be twin brothers! They look so much alike and they have very similar dispositions – quiet & calm. We are hopeful they will be joining the program in our fall semester! Thank you, Andy & Shelda Tuttle and Holly Huffaker, for your generous donations!








Pocoa is a 16 year old Quarter Horse. He was used for trail riding and 4H before coming to the ranch.

Buttermilk is 9 year old Quarter Horse. He was a rescue horse and was also used for trail riding.

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Horse Tales Literacy Project 2016 First Touch

Another great year for Horse Tales Literacy Project! And it was warmer this year! We have nearly 400 students participating again this year! We are excited to be doing this program with Bristow, Cushing, Drumright and Oak Grove schools!

If you are interested in volunteering for our field days in April call the office at (918) 352-4110.

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William’s Walk

William, 8 year old son of Mike & Joshalyn Ocker, went home to his Lord on October 18, 2015.  William loved The Right Path and everything to do with it.  Before William, Mike was not fond of horses and could not see a benefit to them.  He said he would never own one.  When William was 2, his physical therapist suggested therapeutic riding and everything changed.  After his 15 minute evaluation, William’s legs did not scissor.  In the first few weeks of riding, we noticed his core strength developing and he was able to sit up and balance himself without falling.  He was much more stable and able to enjoy the things he wanted to do.  Soon, we got him his own horse.  Then we had 2!  But even with his own horses at home to ride, we were all saddened in 2012 when Miss Leslie retired.  William missed seeing his friends in class and his volunteers…all people he loved dearly.  We soon found that others felt the same way.  In February 2013, we moved to the ranch and took over operations.  When William went home to heaven, we realized how much this one little boy had changed so many lives.  Without William, there would be no therapeutic riding program, no literacy project, no place for at-risk youth, no veteran’s program.  So many lives changed because of the love of one little boy.  It was then that we determined to create a name for the therapeutic riding program, William’s Walk, and create a funding program so that all rider’s in the program could attend at no charge.  William was such a generous and loving boy and he was always happy to share this place with […]

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Horse Tales Literacy Project Field Days 2015

Horse Tales was an overwhelming success again! Nearly 400 children from Bristow, Drumright, Oak Grove and Cushing cam out for their day at the ranch with an ultimate goal in mind….to read to a horse! The horses enjoyed being read to as much as the children enjoyed reading to them. 14 stations made the day both fun and educational and we were thankful that the rain held off for all 3 of our literacy days!

Our literacy field days will be in April again next year. Volunteers must be at least 14 years old. If you are interested in volunteering for our literacy program next year, please call 918-352-4110.

Special thanks to all of our sponsors who made this project possible!

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Horse Tales Literacy Project 2015 First Touch

We had great time taking the horses to Cushing, Drumright, Bristow and Oak Grove schools! We have nearly 400 student participating in the literacy program this year!

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Field Day Event for Cushing Schools

We had a great time serving the 4 elementary schools in Cushing: Deeprock, Harmony, Harrison, and Sunnyside!  The children were so much fun and had a great time!  Our first Field Day was a little on the cold side, but I’m not even sure the children noticed!  They were too busy having fun, fun, fun!

Our second Field Day was filled with beautiful, perfect weather and LOTS of wonderful volunteers!  Several parents came with their children and they were a great blessing!  Thanks to everyone who put in their time to make BOTH days a wonderful, fantastic time for all these great children!  At The Right Path, our “slogan” has long been “WALK ON!”  I guess, for this event, we’ll have to make it “READ ON!”


To view more on the FIELD DAYS, click here.

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Drumright, Oak Grove, and Olive Schools

The First Touch was fun all around!  What a blast we had with the children!  Everyone was SO EXCITED to see the horses and to receive their very own book!

It was amazing how every child immediately devoured their book!  They were so thrilled to receive them!  We are hard at work on the Field Days…come out and help make them a success!


To view more on our FIRST TOUCH events, click here.

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Literacy Project kickoff

Friday was our kickoff event for the Horse Tales Literacy Project, called the First Touch!  What a great day it was!  We visited 4 schools in Cushing and the children were so excited!  As the children came out, we explained to them that we were giving them their very own book (to KEEP) about a pony named Little Black and his friend, Big Red.  Then we brought the horses out from their hiding place and OH BOY!, was there excitement in the air!  The children now spend a few weeks completing their curriculum (provided to the schools FREE of charge) and learning to read their new books.  In April, they get to come out to the ranch for a field trip where they will read their books to their horse friends!

We heard fun and exciting things from the children all day long…exclamations like, “This is the BEST surprise EVER!” and “I’m going to read my WHOLE book to Big Red!”

We are serving just over 260 children in the Cushing/Drumright area and another 30 from the Oklahoma Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped in Oklahoma City.  This is a huge undertaking!  If you are interested in getting involved as a sponsor or a volunteer, please call the office at (918) 352-4110.  For detailed sponsor information, click here.  We need 30+ volunteers in April who are willing to donate ONE DAY of their time to the project.  Call to see how you can be involved in making a difference in a child’s life!

To view all school groups, click here and scroll down.

To view more on our FIRST TOUCH events, click here.

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