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New Instructor!!

We are so excited to announce that Abby Ocker received her PATH Int’l Registered Instructor certification last month! We are so proud of you, Abby!

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Sensory Trail

Our sensory trail is coming along!! We have had some very dedicated young men out here working very hard to get the sensory trail done before class starts! Thank you, Smith, Lane, Benjamin B, Benjamin N, Christopher, Colt, and Isaiah for all your hard work!


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2015 & 2016 Volunteer Awards Banquet

We are so incredibly grateful for our volunteers!! The Right Path could not exist without you all!

The day was full of laughter, tears, memories, sweet fellowship, great food, volleyball, tether ball, and swimming! We did not do a 2015 volunteer banquet due to William’s death, so we had a combined banquet this year.

In 2016 our volunteers logged 3,956.5 hours! We are grateful for Abby, Adrianne, Allison, Amy, Angela, Anna, Annie, Ashlynn, Benjamin B, Benjamin N, Beth, Brady, Brian, Brynn, Byron, Cameron, Charles, Christopher, Colt, Dana, Dean, Diane, Dino, Donna, Elisabeth, Elly, Emma, Ernie, Ethan, Garrett, George, Georgia, Jennifer, Jenny, Jeremiah, Jim F, Jim G, Jodi, Jonah, Joshalyn, Joshua, Judy, Julia, Julie, Karen F, Karen M, Kaylea, Kim, Kristin, Laura, Lauren, Laurie, Leah, Leslie H, Leslie K, Lillie, Luke, Lydia, Lynn, Mackinsey, Marilyn, Mike F, Mike O, Mike T, Pat, Patty, PJ, Rachel, Robyn, Sabrina, Sam, Sarah B, Sarah O, Savannah, Sayer, Seth, Sherrod, Smith, Sophia, Soren, Stasia, Stephen, Steve B, Steve G, Sue, Sydnee, Teresa, Tracy, and Victoria. Donna received a 10-year service award and Miss Leslie received a 20-year service award for their continued, dedicated service to The Right Path. Ernie was the 2016 driving volunteer of the year, George was the 2016 Hooves on the Ground volunteer of the year, Pat was our 2016 up-and-coming volunteer award winner, and Ethan & Brynn were our 2016 volunteers of the year! We also recognized Steve, Benjamin N, and Christopher for their efforts in the Horse Tales Literacy Project. Sherrod, Pat, Benjamin B, Amy, Abby, Sydnee, Julia, Sarah O, Brynn, Smith, Sam, Elisabeth, and Ethan received awards for volunteering 50+ or 100+ hours!

In 2015 our volunteers logged 4,866 hours! We are grateful for Abby, Adrianne, Allison, Amy, […]

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2017 PATH Int’l Oklahoma State Meeting

We were excited to host the 2017 PATH Int’l Oklahoma State Meeting on Saturday! There were about 47 people from 17 different centers present! It was good to see some old friends and meet some new ones! We enjoyed hearing from Liesa Persaud (PT, DPT, PCS, CKTP) about therapeutic taping for therapeutic riding, Susan Ledgerwood (Special Ed Teacher) about what makes your riders “special”, Andrea Sulk (MS, Ed) and Malarie Deardorff (MS, Ed) about riding through transition, and Judy Smith (MS, TRI, ESMHL) about the horse sense of grant writing.

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William’s Walk Memorial Trail Ride Fundraiser

The William’s Walk Memorial Trail Ride was a success! Thank you so much to everyone who participated in the William’s Walk Memorial Trail Ride!! We raised $4,087.38 to scholarship our riders!! We are so blessed to have your support!

You can view the story behind the ride here and the grand prize winner here.

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KUSH Radio

Sarah, our office manager, was on KUSH Radio this morning talking about the William’s Walk Memorial Trail Ride and volunteering. You can watch the live video here.

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7 Reasons Why Horseback Riding Is the Best Therapy

There’s no denying the freeing power of a good gallop – horseback riding is clearly the best therapy!
If you’ve ever climbed onto a horse at the end of a bad day, then you know how a long ride can turn that day right around. Horseback riding is known for being therapeutic, and there’s no one who would agree with this statement more than riders themselves.

But horseback riding is more than emotionally healing. It’s actually being used as a sort of physical therapy for disabled riders. The practice of equine-assisted therapy is growing, and people are benefiting from the incredible therapeutic value of the horse without ever stepping foot in the saddle. Horses are even being used to facilitate team building within business employees.
Still not convinced? Here are seven reasons why horseback riding is the best therapy.
7. Riding Demands Focus
There’s no better way than to forget about a problem than to mount up and begin riding. Horseback riding requires your complete focus – if your mind wanders, then you’ll soon find that your horse is wandering about, too.

Riding can give you a break from the worries of the outside world.
6. Riding Makes You Strong
When you ride, you have to be both physically and emotionally strong. Riding a horse requires intelligence and understanding, but it also requires you to stand up and take charge.

The strength that you develop through riding can be applied to other areas of your life, too.
5. Riding Teaches You Emotional Control
There’s no room in the saddle for fear or anger. As a rider, you will learn emotional control techniques which you can use in your overall life.
4. Riding Forces You to Be Patient
Sometimes in riding, you have to learn to sit back, take […]

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New Instructor!!

We are so excited to announce that Tracy Walkup received her PATH Int’l Registered Instructor certification last month! We are so proud of you, Tracy!

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Cushing Rodeo 2016

Our wonderful team of participants and volunteers braved the rain and mud to perform a demonstration at the Cushing rodeo. We were excited to have 2 of our veterans participate this year! You guys did a fantastic job!

Thank you, Beth, from Winding P Farms Photography for the pictures!

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Saddles Needed

We are in need of 3 16″ or 17″ seat Circle Y western saddles before classes start in September.
If you have a saddle you would like to donate please call our office (918) 352-4110 or if you would to donate funds to help purchase the saddles please mark your donation “Saddle Purchase.”

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