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In Memory of Ace










It is with deep sadness that we learn of the death of another of our riders. Ace drove with us from 2006-2016. Ace always had a smile on his face and loved driving. We will miss seeing this ray of sunshine every week! Our thoughts and prayers are with his family.


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2016 Oklahoma State PATH Meeting

The Right Path was very blessed to host the 2016 Oklahoma State PATH Meeting. There was lots of great fellowship and so much to learn from the speakers! We enjoyed reuniting with old friends and making new ones!

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PATH Int’l Premier Accredited!

We are The Right Path are so excited to announce that we have received our premier accreditation through PATH Int’l! If you would like to find out more about PATH Int’l or premier accreditation click here.

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It’s great to see our riders becoming independent! Way to go guys!

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New Horses

Poco & Buttermilk are the 2 newest trainees for the program. These two palamino geldings could be twin brothers! They look so much alike and they have very similar dispositions – quiet & calm. We are hopeful they will be joining the program in our fall semester! Thank you, Andy & Shelda Tuttle and Holly Huffaker, for your generous donations!








Pocoa is a 16 year old Quarter Horse. He was used for trail riding and 4H before coming to the ranch.

Buttermilk is 9 year old Quarter Horse. He was a rescue horse and was also used for trail riding.

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MISSING HORSE (found – Thank You!)

Update 3-17-16 Our missing horse has been found!  Thank you to everyone who helped!


Rusty is a 7-year-old Quarter Horse/Halflinger cross gelding that belongs to one of our instructors and is being used in the program. He is about 13.1-13.2 hands tall, 750lbs, sorrel with a blaze and socks on both hind feet. He has no brands or tattoos. He went missing near Bristow, OK on Monday, March 14, 2016. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Please call 918-859-8543.




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Horses Read Human Emotions

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In Memory of Miles








It is with great sadness that we learn of one of our rider’s death. Miles rode with us from 2009-2012. Miles was always a joy to see and we are grateful we got to know him during his short 10 years on earth. He will be greatly missed and our deepest thoughts and prayers go to his family.


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William’s Walk

William, 8 year old son of Mike & Joshalyn Ocker, went home to his Lord on October 18, 2015.  William loved The Right Path and everything to do with it.  Before William, Mike was not fond of horses and could not see a benefit to them.  He said he would never own one.  When William was 2, his physical therapist suggested therapeutic riding and everything changed.  After his 15 minute evaluation, William’s legs did not scissor.  In the first few weeks of riding, we noticed his core strength developing and he was able to sit up and balance himself without falling.  He was much more stable and able to enjoy the things he wanted to do.  Soon, we got him his own horse.  Then we had 2!  But even with his own horses at home to ride, we were all saddened in 2012 when Miss Leslie retired.  William missed seeing his friends in class and his volunteers…all people he loved dearly.  We soon found that others felt the same way.  In February 2013, we moved to the ranch and took over operations.  When William went home to heaven, we realized how much this one little boy had changed so many lives.  Without William, there would be no therapeutic riding program, no literacy project, no place for at-risk youth, no veteran’s program.  So many lives changed because of the love of one little boy.  It was then that we determined to create a name for the therapeutic riding program, William’s Walk, and create a funding program so that all rider’s in the program could attend at no charge.  William was such a generous and loving boy and he was always happy to share this place with […]

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